Ludo reimagined for the modern mobile devices

From the makers of India’s favorite mobile games Teen Patti Live!, Poker Live! and Carrom Live!, here is yet another spectacular reimagining of one of your favorite games of all time – Ludo. Play with your friends and families, at parties, in the train, in the traffic. Play everywhere. Play all day! Bring forward your heroes in this strategic game of Ludo. Fight with other players and use your heroes to destroy them all. Let the strongest team win! 

Play a brand new, innovative Ludo game with fantasy heroes, epic battles and the familiarity of Ludo. There is no rush to reach to HOME, destroy all your opponents with your heroes and win the game. Ludo Live! is inspired by the classic Ludo game but includes a lot of improvements over the classic version like 18 unique heroes, spells, different board shape and size, no race to Home region, and no getting stuck at the beginning of the game for rolling a six to get your heroes out.

A Game of Skill

Since this game is inspired by Ludo, it is a dice based game. However, it is not a simple game of chance. The difference amongst heroes, the cost of making choices and the different actions that you can make in the game, make it a game of skill played with the dice. Don’t believe us? Download and simply roll the dice to see what we mean!

Cast Spells

Ludo Live! Is an innovation over the classic Ludo game. Your heroes are not only good fighters but they are also magical. They can cast spells that not only heal them, but also destroy any opponent that happens to come it’s way.

Strategic Gameplay

Every game of Ludo Live! is played with heroes. Every hero has their own attack strength and health. Unlike Ludo, just because a pawn overtook yours, you don’t lose. In Ludo Live!, when an opponent attacks your hero, they fight out and the strongest hero continues to dominate!

Plan your moves. Cast Spells. Decide which battles to fight and which heroes to play with. Ludo Live! involves making decisions that destroy your opponents..et_pb_text

18 Fantastic Heroes

Play with Garuda, Chandaal, Sultana, Mahakaal and 14 other heroes. Each hero has their own weapons and attacks. No more generic pawns like in Ludo, each Hero fights to death for their place on the board. And we will add more heroes with new updates.

Unlock More Heroes

The game comes with 18 fantasy heroes. As you play the game and level up as players, you unlock these heros. But guess what? We will be adding more new heroes to the game with updates and there will be lots and lots of heroes to unlock as you keep playing the game.

Hours of Exciting Games and Battles

Between 4 Players, 18 Heroes, Spells, Dice Rolls, and the complete excitement of Ludo, the game provides for hours and hours of gameplay and momentous battles after battles. Build friendships and rivalries as you dominate and destroy your opponents.